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Deep Tissue Massage

Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city known for its nice climate, technology hubs, and culture, with a place for people with varying roots and mindsets. With the development of urban amenities in the city, recreation services have also flourished. There are so many Massage spas and parlours in the city. However, it is only at U2spa. You get access to a plethora of sensual and relaxing body massage and relaxation services around the year.

We offer relaxing and invigorating body massage services in Bengaluru for both genders. Men and women from varying age groups seek us for sensual, relaxing massage sessions. We have trained masseurs and staff who are both reliable and professional. Once you avail of our body massage service, you are not likely to choose any other spa or message centre!

A wide range of massage sessions to pick from

At U2spa, we cater to the relaxation and rejuvenation needs of all types of clients. Not all clients seeking body massage sessions have the same requirements as it is. A lot of clients contact us for stress-busting and relaxing massage services, while there are others who want to avail of erotic and sensual massage sessions.

We also get plenty of bookings for customers who are into sports and athletics, and they want massage services to get relief from aches and joint pains etc.

Listed here are various massage service packages we offer in Bengaluru:

Full-body massage- We offer relaxing full-body massage services for clients. It is ideal when you are stressed out and want complete relaxation. Our skilled and professional masseurs are capable of offering relaxing massages to all body parts. This massage session is a bit more time-consuming than others, but the efforts are worth the time spent! After the session, you will get benefits like stress reduction, relief from body aches and joint pain and more.

Aromatherapy massage- At U2spa, we offer invigorating aromatherapy massage sessions to offer clients sensual relaxation. High-quality aromatic essential oils are used for massaging in these sessions. Our trained masseurs use such oils to massage your body parts gently but firmly, and the invigorating scent makes you mesmerized. Their sensual touch will take you to another level, literally. You feel both relaxation and stimulation like never before.

Deep Tissue Massage- Our deep tissue massage sessions are ideal for people recovering from injuries. These massage sessions involve pressure on specific body parts and joints along with strong strokes, pulling and stretching of muscles in proper ways. These sessions are often booked by sportspersons.

Swedish massage- Swedish massage sessions are sought after by clients who want to get long-term relief from body pain. Our masseurs are skilled in this, and they massage your body parts in apt ways to enhance blood flow to specific organs. A boost in blood flow improves the efficacy of body organs and promotes faster healing, too.

Happy ending massage- Not all clients prefer just a body massage when they seek our service. They want the massage session to end with sexual satisfaction and an orgasm! For them, we offer this package. Our skilled masseurs know how to make your muscles relaxed and stimulate the genitals. You will get aroused like never before, and the overall feeling will make you keep coming back for future sessions!

What makes our massage service packages irresistible?

While there are many other massage centres and spas operating in Bengaluru, is in a niche of its own. Our clients prefer our services for the following reasons:

We have some of the best and most professional female masseurs. They are well-mannered and know their job well. Their service, demeanour and interaction will make you amazed. They resemble top-notch models, and the same can be said about their attires.

We are a professional massage service agency in Bengaluru. So, we clarify service terms to clients well in advance.

As a leading massage spa in Bengaluru, we use high-quality products. From aromatherapy oils to other accessories used for offering massage sessions, you will get top-notch products.

We offer different massage sessions at decent rates.

Call us to learn more

We also offer massage services at client locations. If you want to avail aroma massage or a sensual massage session at your place, we can arrange that. Whether you are at BTM Layout or Whitefield, we can serve you. Just give us a call at 6366508103 for details.

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